Gymnastics is a sport that is unsurpassed by any other in developing the total athlete. Each apparatus uniquely contributes to the development of speed, power, grace, coordination, and flexibility. In addition to physical benefits, personal values such as attention to detail, discipline, dedication, determination, and passion are promoted as confidence grows.

No other sport involves the all-encompassing use of a child’s body and mind. Most other sports specifically develop a child’s hand-eye and foot-eye coordination: such as soccer, lacrosse, karate, and tennis. Gymnastics requires total body involvement: a child’s sense of complete physical and mental awareness becomes acutely developed. As a child is learning handstands on floor, swinging on bars, walking on a four-inch wide balance beam, running towards a vault table, and controlling their bodies in the air on a trampoline, a clearly defined sense of strength, coordination, and awareness becomes natural.

At North Shore Gymnastics, your child will be encouraged to explore in their critical early years. By enrolling your child in gymnastics in their formative toddler years, it channels his/her energy in a safe, logical, and progressive way. We help your child realize his/her potential through the physical and mental demands of the exciting sport of gymnastics. We provide the necessary time to develop and perfect their gymnastics skills, while improving their strength, balance, and coordination, and fine-tuning their cognitive and motor skills. Through progressions, and a positive learning environment, we create opportunities for gymnasts to feel positive about themselves and their accomplishments.

As a result, students develop into well-rounded, conscientious, and goal-oriented athletes that are a notch above their peers. Participation in gymnastics will dramatically enhance your child’s athletic endeavors, his/her sense of physical awareness, and his/her health and wellness.